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Into the Another World Chapter 8

Finally! another update for my fics!!
Hope you like it!!

Title: Into the another World
Category: Mai HiME
Character(s): Natsuki K. & Shizuru F.
Chapter 8 Title: Chapter 8
Words: 10,767
Genre(s): Romance/Fantasy
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: She sees her in her dreams and wants to meet her. Two girls, two worlds, their story. Natsuki X Shizuru pairing. Mixture of Mai Hime-Otome and another. AU story. Co-authored with Leebot. - Rating Changed - UPDATED! CHAPTER 8 NOW UP!


Da best ShizuNatsu Cards!

During my trip to Japan, I went to a store in Akihabara, and went in just by mere curiosity to see how much were some YuGiOH cards. But then I came across these!!!

Da Cards...Collapse )


If you ever wanted to have the figure of Mai and Natsuki in bikini, now is your chance to grab yours.
The original price was 3,500 YEN; however now you can get it for only 700 YEN!! Can you believe it!!?
It means that it's 80% off from it's original price!! I do believe it's a bargain!
Here's the site where you can find it!
Hobby Link Japan
I've purchased in that site before and I've never had a problem with it, so I really recommend it.
Don't miss the chance!!

The Natcraker Act II

I'm on a roll!!
Updated two fics in one day!
Hope you like this one.  Sorry for the delay.

Category: Mai HiME
Character(s): Natsuki K. & Shizuru F.
Chapter 2 Title: ACT II
Words: 7,203
Genre(s): General/Romance
Rating: Rated: K+
Summary: Christmas Special! Shizuru Viola is a girl who received a wonderful gift on a special night. Based on the ballet: 'The Nutcracker'. Of course Natsuki X Shizuru. Mai Otome characters in AU. ACT II UP!
The Natcracker

New one shot: Sick Fool

Yay! I'm back! Hope you like this one-shot while I work on my other fics.

Category: Mai HiME
Character(s): Natsuki K. & Shizuru F.
Words: 548
Genre(s): Romance/General
Rating: Rated: K+
Summary: A fool is sick, is that possible? Shizuru x Natsuki one-shot.

Sick Fool

My precious stuff...

First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! everyone!
I'm here to post just some the stuff I've got in the last months.
Here are some pics of my current obsesions right now.

My own...My precious...Collapse )

Trading HARUKA Figure...

Hey there everyone.
I'm posting this to inform anyone who is interested that I'm TRADING a HARUKA SUZUSHIRO figurine.
Click on the cut to see more details about it...

Let's grade!!......it's trade Haruka-chan...Collapse )


Time to Vote!!!

The contest ended so it's time to select the winner.
Here you can vote for your favorite art of the ShizuNatsu fanart contest that I did.
Just remember that the last decision will be taken by the judges and me.
The voting will end on Saturday so be sure to support your favorite.

These are the works that were submited.

Angel Knight by ZeroDestiny89

MH...In this beautiful world by Krystal-of-Nol

Poll #1652354 FanArt Contest
This poll is closed.

Pick your favorite

Angel Knight by ZeroDestiny89
MH...In this beautiful world by Krystal-of-Nol

Good Luck!!

EDIT: The voting time has ended so I'm closing this poll. Thanks to all the people that voted.

Just one day left for contest!!

Just reminding you that the fanart constest is almost over but you still can submit your work!!

Just in case you haven't read the details and prizes.

Strike Witches doujin

I'm here to share with you all fans of Strike Witches, specially of MioxMinna this wonderful doujinshi that I had the chance to get during my time in Japan.
Sorry that I can offer you pics of it instead of well taken scans. But at least is better than nothing.
This one is purely MioxMinna and it not worksafe. It's M rated but it's absolutely awesome!!

Here is the link to download it. Enjoy!!
Sakamoto-san overshoot!?

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